Effective Ways to Prevent Binge Eating While Staying at Home During Lockdown

Effective Ways to Prevent Binge Eating While Staying at Home During Lockdown

Self-Isolation is the best way to curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic; however, being stuck at home can result in the development of varied unhealthy habits and behaviors like overeating due to boredom and stress. While staying at home, you should take measures to disinfect your house and try to avoid bad habits like overeating. So how to control binge eating while staying at home during the lockdown. Here are some effective tips to prevent overeating when.

  1. Evaluate the Reason of Overeating

The first and the most important step to consider in order to avoid binge eating is to analyse why it is happening. There could be varied reasons for overeating, including stress and boredom. 

Whenever you find yourself eating too much, take a minute and check why you are eating so much. It is important to find out whether you are eating because you are hungry, requires nourishment, or there is some other reason. 

Evaluating the reason for overeating can help you to prevent overeating in the future. You might also have the issue of disordered eating, and if it is the case, then you might need professional help to combat overeating. 

  1. Remove Tempting Food

Having a jar of yummy cookies or mouthwatering candies might add to the beautiful appearance of your kitchen, but this practice can lead you to overeat. 

Having yummy and tempting foods within eyesight can result in overeating and frequent snacking, even if you are not hungry. Therefore, it is better to remove tempting food like candy, chips, and cookies from the cupboard or pantry.  

  1. Manage Healthy Eating Schedule

Don’t change your normal eating schedule only because you are stuck at home. If you have three meals every day, then continue the schedule while working from home. 

We understand that it is easy to stray from the normal eating schedule when the whole schedule is disrupted; however, it is crucial to maintain normalcy when it comes to eating.

  1. Practice Portion Control

Most people have the habit of eating snacks directly from the containers, in which they purchased them, and this habit often leads to binge eating. For instance, most of the people eat ice cream directly from the container rather than taking out a single portion in a bowl, which leads them to overeat the ice cream. 

In order to avoid overeating, practice portion control by taking a single portion of food in some dish instead of eating it from the larger container. 

  1. Stay Hydrate

Staying at home provides you more time to develop healthy habits, including drinking more fluids to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is essential to manage overall health and to prevent stress-related to overeating


Rashmi Saini