Italy and Spain Records Drop in Daily Coronavirus Death Tolls

Italy and Spain Records Drop in Daily Coronavirus Death Tolls

Italy and Spain have reported a drop in daily coronavirus death tolls on Sunday. 

The nations are fighting against coronavirus by executing strict national lockdowns. Moreover, these countries do not have any imminent plan to loosen the restrictions of lockdown. As a result of lockdown and strict actions, the number of patients admitted to intensive care has also dropped for a continuous second day. 

Italy is the country that has the highest number of death tolls impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. As of Sunday, the number of fatalities in Italy was 15,889. The number of fatalities recorded till Saturday was 15,364. There was an increase of 525 fatalities from Saturday, which is the smallest increase in the number of fatalities since March 19.

Sunday is also marked as a third of the drop in fatalities in Italy. There were 766 fatalities on Friday, and 681 on Saturday. The number of new has also declined in the nation. The number of new confirmed cases of coronavirus was 4,805 on Saturday, which dropped to 4,316 on Sunday, which raised the total number of cases to 128,948. 

On “Meet the Press” on NBC on Sunday, Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte said, “We are suffering very much. It’s devastating pain”. During the appearance, the Prime Minister reminded the country that social distancing is the best as well as the only way to combat the coronavirus pandemic. In this regard, he said, “Stay home as much as possible. Do not go out.”

Meanwhile, Spain also saw a decline in daily coronavirus death tolls for the fourth continuous day. There were 850 deaths in the country on Friday, which dropped to 749 on Saturday and 674 on Sunday.

In Spain, two weeks of lockdown was introduced on March 14, and it has been extended to April 25 as staying in homes is the only way to defeat coronavirus pandemic. 

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Rashmi Saini