Italy Coronavirus Lockdown: People Sings Out From Balconies

Italy Coronavirus Lockdown: People Sings Out From Balconies
People Gathered in their balconies to sing patriotic songs

Milan, Italy – People in Italy joined together to sing patriotic songs from their balconies as they were blocked in their houses due to the coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in Italy. And people are bound to stay in their respective homes. This crisis has put down the health system of Italy.

Videos are circulating in the social media from Milan, Italy. People are leaning from their windows & balconies while singing the national anthem and other patriotic songs over the past weeks.


When did it start?

On a Saturday afternoon time, several people gathered in their balconies. They were showing their respect to the doctors and nurses who are risking their own lives to save other people from COVID-19.

Italy is struggling with the Coronavirus the most in the whole of Europe. At least 18,000 cases are registered in there, and 12,66 people have lost their lives in the crises. The northern region of Lombardy around the capital Milan is bearing the disaster the most in the whole country.

Lockdown imposed due to coronavirus

Coronavirus Italy people singing in their balconies
People singing patriotic songs in their balconies

The Italian government has imposed the lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak. They have closed down the schools, cinema theaters, public transport, etc. to stop the virus spreading more. People are asked to remain in their homes safely. Health agencies have issued advisories in the interest of the public. They are asking people to avoid handshaking, going in public places; they are advising them to carry hand sanitizers and disinfectants.

Celebrities are posting on their social media, asking people to stay at their homes, and wash their hands regularly. People are posting their lockdown images on social media. Earlier Hollywood couple Tom hanks and his wife were found out to be infected from the coronavirus.We must try to boost out immunity system to fight the crises. A healthy diet and some precautions can help you out.

Manoj Datic