Justine Haupt, A Space Engineer Invented Anti-Smartphone With Rotary Dial

Justine Haupt, A Space Engineer  Invented Anti-Smartphone With Rotary Dial

This space engineer has commemorated old school memories to another level.

Justine Haupt, a space engineer who loathe modern time smartphones as they create fuss among the people invented, built the cell phone with a rotary dial by herself.

The 34-year-old space engineer spent three years building this cute mobile device with a rotary dial, which consists of a battery that can last for 30 hours, as per the reports coming in SWNS. This rotary dial cell phone is wide up to 3 inches, tall up to 4 inches, and thick up to 1 inch, which takes AT&T prepaid SIM card, compatible with this rotary phone radio.

The public curiosity in reading her blog about the retro rotary cell phone apparently got a lot of traffic on her website and crashed the server.

Haupt is working at the Brookhaven National Laboratory as an astronomy or space engineer in New York,  from since she has been overwhelmed with requests and comments from the fellow smartphone despises or haters asking for a new version of rotary cell phone for themselves. With these hundreds of requests, she is now providing a self-build kit so that they can make their own cell phone at home, says the SWNS reports.

Justine Haupt, while talking with the SWNS reporters, says that “I work in technology, but I don’t like the culture around smartphones. I’m not too fond of the hyper-connected thing. I don’t like the idea of being at someone’s beck and call every moment, and I don’t need to have that level of access to the Internet.”

Haupt, an astronomy engineer,  uses a 3D printer to build this retro-style rotary dial phone case and attached the instant dialing buttons so that she can call her mother and husband with one click of a button. She added an e-paper display on the phone in case there were unresponded messages and missed calls received on her phone.

She hasn’t decided to sell these phones over the market, but for the growing requests of this cell phone, she has created a tool kit by which one can easily make their rotary dial phone so that users can create their version. 

Justine Haupt said, “It is actually my phone – I don’t carry my flip phone with me anymore. I never expected to go viral with this.”

Haupt further added, “But there’s a surprising number of people who have identified with my philosophy of not liking smartphone culture — I’m pleasantly surprised that those people are out there.”

Manglam Rajawat