JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon recovering after a severe heart surgery

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon recovering after a severe heart surgery

On Thursday the CEO of JPMorgan  Jamie Dimon had an emergency heart surgery after he suffered an acute aortic dissection.

It was reported that Jamie Dimon woke up courtesy of a chest pain and was rushed off to the hospital. Due to this, the functioning of the bank is reported to be handed over to Daniel Pinto and Gordon Smith. They are the co-presidents and made the media know about this incident.

“We want to let you know that Jamie experienced an acute aortic dissection this morning. He underwent successful emergency heart surgery to repair the dissection. The good news is that it was caught early and the surgery was successful. He is awake, alert and recovering well.”


“As JPMorgan Co-Presidents and Chief Operating Officers, we have been working hand-in-hand with Jamie and the Board over the past two years to help lead our company,”

They also reported that the situation was caught at an early stage and the resultant surgery has been successful. Dimon is awake, alert and under recovery.

The lead director of the investment bank, Lee Raymond mentioned that the board has collectively chose the co-presidents Daniel and Gordon to lead the company during this term.

“The company has exceptional leaders across our businesses and functions – led by our outstanding CEO and Co-Presidents. Our company will move forward together with confidence as we continue to serve our customers, clients, communities and shareholders.”

He also mentioned that the bank has very supporting and exceptional leaders in their CEO and Co-presidents. He also assured that the JPMorgan company will carry on moving forward with excellence and continue to serve their clients well.

It must be noted that Pinto and Smith were elected for their positions as Co-presidents because when such a situation arises when Dimon would be unable to perfrom his duties, there will be two leaders to effectively lead the company.

Dimon has been affected by health previously as well i.e. in 2014 when we found out that he was diagnosed with Throat cancer. He has chemotherapy has recovered completely. He has led the company for 14 years, and is one of the longest CEOs among major players in US Banks.

It is because of his expertise in the field that JPMorgan has become one of the most successful banks among its peers. JPMorgan overtook Bear Strens after the infamous 2008 crisis. Followed by which it has become then most valuable bank in the entire world.

Apart from Banking, the company became a top player in all the financial institution business. It is a tough time for businesses all over the globe due to the coronavirus outbreak that has spread rapidly. Resultantly, the stock prices of JPMorgan have also fallen.

Ayushman Rajawat