Kim Jong Un’s Death could create refugee crisis In North Korea, may require military response

Kim Jong Un’s Death could create refugee crisis In North Korea, may require military response

Rumors about the ill health of Kim Jong Un, North Korean Leaders have sparked fears, if Kim Jong dies, North Korea will destabilize, and there will be a refugee crisis.

On Wednesday, a North Korean Media published some comments made by Kim earlier without mentioning anywhere about him- while South Korea also repeated that nothing unusual had been detected so far in North Korea.
Even if Kim is not sick right now, he sure has some health issues, and his rule will possibly end one day that will create turmoil.

Kim has no successor apparent his younger sister- which is senior officials of the ruling party, Kim Yo Jong. She is the most likely candidate after Kim Jong Un.

Experts, however, believe that collective leadership can also end the dynastic rule of the family.
Designated lack of heir means that there will be human suffering, chaos, and instability. It will be bad news for everyone.

“It is unknown whether Kim Jong Un has designated a successor,” David Maxwell, a retired colonel, said. “We can speculate that perhaps his sister Kim Yo Jong has been designated as his successor based on her recent promotion and the fact she has begun making official statements in her name beginning last month.”
But it is unknown; he added, “whether a woman, despite being part of the Paektu bloodline, could become the leader of the Kim family regime.”
Lack of successor may cause the regime to collapse, and South Korea and the US must be prepared to handle the situation.

There is a “humanitarian disaster that will unfold in North Korea,” Maxwell told Military Times.
“South Korea, China, and Japan (via boat) are going to have to deal with potential large scale refugee flows,” he said. “Units of the North Korean People’s Army are going to compete for resources and survival. This will lead to internal conflict among units and could escalate to widespread civil war.”

Despite all the turmoil going internally North Korean military will keep fighting in the nation’s defense.
“Since North Korea is a Guerrilla Dynasty built on the myth of anti-Japanese partisan warfare, we can expect large numbers of the military (1.2 million active-duty and 6 million reserves) to resist any and all outside foreign intervention including from South Korea,” Maxwell told the outlet.

He further added, the US and South Korea need to be prepared in order to secure Pyongyang’s “entire (weapons of mass destruction) program, nuclear, chemical, biological weapons and stockpiles, manufacturing facilities, and human infrastructure (scientists and technicians).”


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Shubhrata Choudhary