President Trump Disagreed with the decision of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Says To Reopen State In The Pandemic Outbreak

President Trump Disagreed with the decision of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Says To Reopen State In The Pandemic Outbreak

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia said that to reopen the state to maintain the economy in between the coronavirus outbreak, but President Trump totally disagrees with the Governor’s decision, there is not any control over the spread of the deadly virus. However, the President also says that the final call is dependent on the Governor’s decision.


President says, “I told the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, that I disagree, strongly, with his decision to open certain facilities,” he told the reporters that, as the virus hasn’t gotten controlled yet, reopening any state in such condition is against the guidelines of the White House. 


President Trump added, “Governor Kemp must do what he thinks is right.”

In response to the Trump statement, Governor Kemp replied that he appreciate the critique from the President saying that “bold leadership and insight during these difficult times,” but he likes to reopen the state businesses by imposing careful measures and restrictions that should be followed by the enterprises so that spread can be limited and do not increase any new coronavirus infected cases. 


Gov. Kemp posted the series of tweets in which he said, “Our next measured step is driven by data and guided by state public health officials. We will continue with this approach to protect the lives – and livelihoods – of all Georgians.” 


Georgia Gov. Kemp announces that he is planning to open the services of massage parlors, gyms, nail salons, bowling alleys, and some other similar industry businesses by this Friday. Movie theaters and restaurants have to follow some strict guidelines to reopen and start from Monday onwards, whereas Church services are going to reopen from this weekend. 

Trump disagreed with Kemp’s plan and told the reporters while briefing in a conference held at the House, said, “just too soon for such businesses to reopen like spas and beauty salons and tattoo parlors and barbershops.”


Trump added that “I love them, but they can wait a little bit longer. just a little bit, not much.”


On Wednesday, Kemp defended the statement of Trump in an interview telecast on television and said that the state is in need of a business and a stable economic system. 


Gov. Kemp stated in the interview with FOX 5, “I think one of these things that have gotten out of control on the national level is people think we are throwing the keys back to these businesses and that’s it’s going to be business as usual and it’s not.” 

He further stated that “If we have a hot spot that pops up in another part of the state as we had in Albany, you know, I can do a countywide order or take different kinds of actions.”


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Manglam Rajawat