Lady Gaga Falls off the stage in a live concert in Las Vegas.

Lady Gaga Falls off the stage in a live concert in Las Vegas.

lady gaga fell off the stage in a live show in Las veges

As the adage goes “what occurs in Vegas remains in Vegas”, but this time when Lady Gaga tumbled off the stage in Vegas, the video turned into a web sensation. Lady  Gaga was performing at Park Theater at Park MGM resorts.

The video shared on the internet demonstrates that a man tumbles off the stage with Lady Gaga in his arms.

Woman Gaga invited a fan on the stage to hit the dance floor with her, the man took Gaga in his arms and abruptly the two of them tumbled from the stage. No wounds were accounted for as Gaga still kept on singing and perform.

She reported that “Everything’s OK.” “The main thing that is not OK is we need a few stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up,” she said.

The “Consistently Remember Us This Way” craftsman at that point put a sentimental turn on the tumble. “You know what we did? We fell into one another’s arms, Jack,” she told the fan. “We’re similar to Rose and Jack from the ‘Titanic.’ ”

“It takes two to tango,” she included, additionally conceding: “I have tumbled off the phase previously.”

Lady Gaga: “you promise me you’re not gonna be sad about that, right?” fan: “i promise.” Lady Gaga talking to her fan after she fell off the stage with him last night. 

A couple of days ago, Lady Gaga was trolled on Twitter.

Manoj Datic