New York Bridal Fashion Week Goes Virtual

New York Bridal Fashion Week Goes Virtual


Fashion designers by now must have finished putting final touches on their dresses while planning for the lavish runway show for New York Bridal Fashion Week, scheduled for April 16-20. But sadly, the Coronavirus outbreak has forced the designers to rethink how they should showcase their latest fashion collections.

In February, Bridal Council met at the town hall, which is a performance space in Manhattan, where they discussed alternative plans that should be laid if the virus continues to spread across new york. 

“It was becoming clear we wouldn’t be able to come together in the traditional ways we had before,” “But we didn’t plan on the lockdown,” said Rachel Leonard.

Suddenly all the stores and malls were closed. No designer could travel anywhere. It became difficult to obtain fabrics as manufacturers were forced to take a pause. Socially distancing has made it impossible to attend or produce fashion runway shows. According to MS.Leonard, there are some drawbacks of shifting to the virtual presentation of dresses, “It’s still a touchy-feely, emotional business,” she said. “It’s hard to see a fabulous wedding dress on the internet. The wow factor you felt when presenting in front of people and Instagram moments only an insider got, will be gone.”

She is still very optimistic about the situation. “For designers, there will be a reinvention for how they do business and present their collections,” she said. “They will gain better relationships with their stores and brides, which might make them focus more on what’s going to sell, how to create newness, and make them smarter business people.”

Some designers have started to find creative ways of communicating with their customers. Anne Barge has started hosting weekly online events named wedding wine Wednesday. She meets with her stores every week on the web to discuss the daily issues faced at the store. Sarah Nouri has started doing live chats with her Instagram brides.

We have talked to five different bridal designers; each of them is taking a different approach to reach the press, brides, and retailers during this Bridal Fashion Week Season.

Amsale’s Virtual Dressing Room- a sophisticated, modern bridal fashion brand founded by Amsale Aberra, has surprised with creative pieces over the year.

Sahroo- this brand was founded by Sarah Abbasi, and last, she previewed her bridal collection showcasing 25 looks in Manhattan. She focused on sleek and upscale white pantsuits accompanied by close fitted embellished matching sets.

Hayley Paige- the head designer and creative director of the brand is Hayley Paige was planning a 12-to-20 piece collection.

Justin Alexander- Instead of doing runway fashion shows in New York, Justin Warshaw, creative director of the brand, is planning a media dinner for almost 60 editors this year.

Winnie Couture- the brand was founded by Winnie Chlomin Lee. The brand is shifting the focus on mask making. Winnie Lee has released an amazing assortment of Haute masks.

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Shubhrata Choudhary