One Flight Attendant of American Airlines Died Because Of COVID-19

One Flight Attendant of American Airlines Died Because Of COVID-19

American Flight Attendant Paul Frishkorn is known for his dedication, kind, helping, and passionate efforts to serve flight attendants among the departments.


On Friday, the death of one flight attendant was confirmed by American Airlines after getting infected by the deadly novel coronavirus.


Paul Frishkorn, who is based in Philadelphia, working in American Airlines since 1997 as a dedicated flight attendant, educated his coworkers regarding COVID-19. He is the first employee of American Airlines who has died because of COVID-19, stated by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, on Friday.


Officials of American Airlines stated, “Over the years, he built a reputation as a consummate professional who was honored as one of American’s Flight Service Champions twice for his excellent service to our customers.” 


The 65-year-old dedicated and tireless employee of American Airlines recognized him to his coworkers, by calling him a “servant leader” because of his dedicated work with the union all through his career, along with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants.


The company further said, “Our hearts go out to Paul’s loved ones, many of whom work for American.”


Paul Frishkorn had been working in a Philadelphia by spending his time to educate the crew room to stay safe from virus, as well as helping flight attendants in the airlines by solving their queries regarding the virus and providing essential resources to help them in such chronic situation of a novel coronavirus, stated by the Lori Bassani, President of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants. 

She said that “Paul’s death sheds a solemn light on our profession as front line workers. It underlines the risk to our members who continue to work as ‘essential workers’ in the airlines. Paul is the first of our colleagues to lose his life as a result of this deadly virus. We are deeply saddened and are reminded that no precaution is too much to take during this horrible time.”


Paul Frishkorn coworkers, fellow flight attendants, family, and friends are posting their tributes to him on social media platforms like Facebook, by sharing their quality time spent with him and showing their grief of losing such a dedicated and kind person who is always passionate to help others. His friends and coworkers described him as a very kind and loving person who is ready to  “help thousands of flight attendants during his years at American Airlines.”


Jody Jaeger, his coworker, wrote about him, “We flew together several times. He was a figure skater and was active in the world of figure skating after he stopped competing. A wonderful person and professional to the core. That moment when this virus takes somebody, you know changes everything.”


“The world lost a beautiful soul today… I have no words to describe this incredible loss.” Tracey Montanari, a coworker at US Airways, posted on Monday.

Manglam Rajawat