6 Effective ways to stay protected from Corona virus when you leave the house

6 Effective ways to stay protected from Corona virus when you leave the house

Want to make a quick trip to the grocery store? It is impossible to not touching anything when you go out. The cases are rising every single day and the US has issued quarantine form which has led to the closure of non-essential stores and requested people to stay at home as much as possible.

The most important policy to limit exposure to the virus is to practice is social distancing and washing hands regularly.  And so is sanitizing your car and other things you carried, before entering the house. The virus is spreading really fast it is important to limit the risk of exposure. Follow these common techniques to avoid getting infected when you step out of the house for food re-stock.

  • Use feet, elbows, knees, and knuckles instead of fingertips– Need to press a button to go down that lift? Stop, don’t use your fingers. Whenever you need to open the door, pull a lever, push a button or sign digitally for something to use a different body part than your fingers. Use knuckles to tap on a digital screen, push open a door with shoulders or foot instead. You can use your elbows to switch lights and wrap the sweater sleeves around the door handle when you open a gate physically. You can toss your clothes into the washing machine later, it is better to avoid touching anything to the skin directly.
  • Try to find automatic options– Many buildings have easy access buttons to open the gates for disabled people. You can touch with your hip, foot, or forearm and the gate will open within a few seconds. Try to buy an automatic soap dispenser to prevent transferring the germs on the pump.
  • Notice where you put your phone– Try to minimize the phone exposure to unnecessary places. Avoid keeping it on surfaces or taking it with you in public bathrooms when you can just leave it in your purse. If you need to keep your phone on any surface lay down a paper towel or napkin first and then set your phone on that.
  • Don’t sort with bare hands– When you have to sort through fruits and vegetables, put your hands into the store supplied bag and use it like a glove to sort through food so as to not touch with bare hands. You can wash the cloth bags to sanitize then after shopping and use plastic bags for future trips to the supermarkets. Always wash your hands after coming back home.
  • Keep disinfecting wipes, napkins, and facial tissues in your bag- Make sure to carry enough paper and napkins in your bag. These will act as a barrier between your hands and the objects you touch, like when you have to press buttons in the lift and open doors.
  • Stop making cash transactions- The highest transmission risk factor is the person-to-person transmission, but other surfaces can also foster the virus. Handling cash can easily transfer the virus. Rely on cashless payment modes to make transactions and minimize the risk of getting infected. Carry your own pen wherever you need to make a physical signature to prevent virus transmission.

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Shubhrata Choudhary