People carry antibodies after recovering from Coronavirus

People carry antibodies after recovering from Coronavirus

A new study has found that nearly every person who has had COVID-19 makes antibodies to the virus. Experts recommend that people who have recovered from Coronavirus can return to their working place, but after how long, that is still unsure.

Antibodies are molecules that are immune and are produced by the body to fight the pathogen. The presence of antibodies in the blood provides some protection against the virus and invaders.

Health officials in the united stated and other countries have bet all their hopes on the tests to identify people who have antibodies and resume going to work. Immune people can replace vulnerable individuals in high transmission settings for building shield immunity in the population.

Mostly the antibody test results are showing false positives, and they pick up the signals for antibodies where there is none. There are several studies that are giving hope that people who have recovered from COVID-19, the coronavirus illness, would gain immunity for a short time period.

There is a new study that reports that 1,343 people around and in New York City. This study gives a sense of relief denying that not only people who were severely ill with COVID-19 might make the antibodies., but irrespective of gender, age, and severity of the disease, all produce a healthy amount of antibodies.

Having immunity to the Coronavirus and antibodies is not the same thing. But antibodies are the key to build immunity and can help in disarming the virus.

“It really shows that most people do develop antibodies and that there’s a very good correlation between those antibodies and their capability to neutralize the virus,” Dr. Rasmussen said.

There are people who have antibodies in their blood, even though they have never tested for Coronavirus.

The number shows that “in cities like New York, there are a tremendous number of undiagnosed infections,” said Taia Wang, a viral immunologist at Stanford University.
A survey conducted by New York State officials for antibodies found that around 20 percent of residents in New York had been infected from Coronavirus.

“As far as known unknowns about SARS-CoV-2, this one really stands out,” she said. “We really need to know how long does it take the body to clear the virus? How long are people contagious? We don’t know the answer to that.”

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Shubhrata Choudhary