White House Planning To Provide Economic Relief To Americans Without Taking Consents Of Congress

White House Planning To Provide Economic Relief To Americans Without Taking Consents Of Congress

As the coronavirus infected patients are increasing day by day and reopening the businesses is not entirely possible, the Trump administration decided to push back the deadlines of filing the taxes. As so many Americans are jobless and there are no sources of generating income, White House decided to push back the tax filings and take some other unilateral measures. 

White House is taking measures to provide Americans with economic relief by delaying the filing of federal taxes. Still, they are doing so without involving the consents of Congress, and only two people are only familiar with this discussion. 

These two people said that earlier, the deadlines for filing federal taxes were pushed to 15 July, but now taking the situation concerns it can be pushed to 15 September or can be up to 15 December. However, they also stressed that no further decision was made. 

Another proposal that discussed with the President that the moratorium for new regulations in the country, the officials of White House expecting President to take the executive actions in which the lawsuits tell the businesses to follow the guidelines so that the employees will not become infected while doing their job. However, the lawmakers discussed the liability protection measures, but officials demanding and say the issue is urgent. 

The job report shows that the unemployment percentage of the country is increasing and is expected as worst in the nation’s history. The Advisers of President predicts that it can go up to 20%, which is six times more than that the unemployment rates prior to the pandemic. 

On Thursday, the Labor Department announced that for the first time, more the 3.2 million citizens have filed for getting benefits of unemployment, and now it reaches 34 million unemployed Americans within seven weeks. 

Officials are planning to announce the measures for reopening the economy and dealing with the situation as soon as possible. Officials said, “As states begin to reopen, we need to wait and see where and what the need is,”


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Manglam Rajawat