Top Best Webtoon Websites, Read online Webtoon Manga for Free

Top  Best Webtoon Websites, Read online Webtoon Manga for Free

We all grew up reading Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Everyone of us enjoys reading these colorful fiction story books and watching cartoons and animes. Now it is 2020, people want to have things in just one click on their cell phones. Webtoon are the answer to our wishes, there are tons of these sites around the internet.

In today’s times’ many comic book sites are gaining popularity, such as Many Comic, Webcomics or Tapas Media, etc. These websites and applications offer Japanese manga and Korean manhwa  to the visitors. These sites are developing so quickly due to their amazing content and, social media marketing.

The ManyComics was started from New Zealand, Tapas Media was founded in America, Webcomics founded in Hong Kong, and the Delitoon was started in France. But you can quickly get the future of webtoon by knowing that these show interest in the future of Korean webtoon the west.

 Webtoon in the West

On account of the manhwa Manycomics webtoon, more than 80% out of 600 works uploaded on the site are from the Korean and Japanese authors. Webtoon manhwa is new for the European & American market, that is one of the reasons Manycomics generates a low revenue despite distributing nearly 750 webtoon and manga comics. Also, Marvel Comics & Dc Comics have their monopoly in these western countries from the last four decades.

Tapas, Manycomics, Webcomics, and Delitoon are inspired by the Industry of Korea as these webtoons have a way of sliding down, not like the Japanese hentai manga that reads in a way that flips to the left, which makes it easier to read on mobiles.

Manycomics offers creators all around the world to register their creations on their platform and get money in return. Naver Venture, & Daum Enterprise fund the Korean manhwa webtoon industry. Manycomics has partnered with a German comic book company ( This platform is offering to read webtoon manhwa online free of cost, and the Korean works are converted into the German language before publishing on the site. Manycomic website was an English comic book site, but it is now translated to the German language, and currently, it has posted nearly 600 works.

How it gained popularity

Webtoon took heights when Daum Enterprise published many comic books in a vertical reading style, and it went viral. This made them release some unique titles under the categories, Girls love, Boys Love Webtoons, Teen love Action, Romance, Drama, Manhwa Hentai, Adult Webtoon manhwa, Thriller, Drama, etc.

Boys Love webtoon & free webtoon coins are the two most popular and exciting Korean works in the comic book industry. Some Boys Love sites are most popular such as Love Shuttle, A Guy like You, Bj Alex, A Man of Virtue, Love bite,Painter of the night, Killing stalking, Vampire Heart etc. U.S news channel named Bloom Berg also appreciates Korea’s webtoon manhwa.

Top Best Webtoon Websites Where You Can get Webtoon Manga for Free.

  1.  WebtoonLine
  2.  Tappytoon Comics
  5.  Lezhin Comics
  6.  Manycomic Entertainment
  7.  Manytoon Comics
  10.  Delitoon Comics
  11.  Toomics Comics
  12.  Toptoon Comics
  13.  Net Comics


If you know any other good site to read, please let us know in the comments section, we will add in the list.

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