Can Large Amounts Of Vitamin C Doses Help In Fighting Against COVID-19?

Can Large Amounts Of Vitamin C Doses Help In Fighting Against COVID-19?

High doses of vitamin C is given to the coronavirus infected patients by the doctors in New York and it was also given to the infected patients of China when they were hard-hit by the COVID-19. 

However, one study conducted at Wuhan University  shows the results that there is no such proven evidence that prove vitamin C can completely treat the infected patients. The study has not yet been completed and can take the time to show the outcome until September. 

UK health experts said that there is no such proven evidence that giving patients vitamin C doses can prevent or remove the respiratory problems of COVID-19 at this moment.


Various posts are widely sharing over social media that vitamin C can prevent infection. However, there is one quote by Dr. Robert F Cathcart that is also spreading on the internet, says, “I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of vitamin C.”


There is very limited evidence that proves vitamin C can prevent the symptoms of the common cold, says world renowned health experts. Alone vitamin C cannot fight against the COVID-19 disease, a patent medicine is required to prevent it and it has to become very  soon by the medical experts. 


“Vitamin C does play an important role in immunity. A great example of this is in sailors who developed scurvy due to vitamin C deficiencies,” Harriet Smith, an award-winning registered dietitian based in Surrey, told the reporters. 


“However, there’s some very limited evidence that vitamin C supplements may reduce severity and duration of common colds, but only by approximately half a day,” she further added. 

“Obviously, coronavirus and common colds are very different viruses, so the results don’t apply to coronavirus.”


Harriet Smith also deflates the rumors that high amounts of vitamin C doses can make the difference in patients’ health, she added: “The RNI, Reference Nutrient Intake, is 40 milligrams a day, which you can easily get from eating one large orange or a kiwi fruit,” she further told the press that “Vitamin C is water-soluble, so consuming more than the body needs will result in it being excreted in urine.”


She also said that she will not recommend people to take large doses of vitamin C foods or supplements at their home, as it can leads to digestive issues like diarrhea. (WHO


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Manglam Rajawat