Trump Is Not Satisfied With The Response Of Dr. Fauci’s Response During Senate Conference On Tuesday

Trump Is Not Satisfied With The Response Of Dr. Fauci’s Response During Senate Conference On Tuesday

On Wednesday, President Trump said that Fauci responding to his decision to “reopen school this fall,” is not an “acceptable answer.” Trump also said that his answer is not clear whether to reopen schools or not this fall. 

On Wednesday, President Trump, meeting at White House with governors of North Dakota and Colorado, said that “I think you should absolutely open the schools,” he then added, “I don’t consider our country coming back if the schools are closed.”

The comment of Trump came after the stark outlook of Dr. Fauci during the Senate committee conference regarding the coronavirus and Fauci’s response to Trump’s reopening orders. On Wednesday, the President wants to bring some great decisions to reopen most of the parts of the nation to the public. Vice President Pence, through a video conference with several university leaders, said that students should be allowed to come back to college campuses. 

However, Fauci presents his views regarding the worsening conditions that coronavirus can cause in the schools, and universities will reopen this coming fall. 


Dr. Fauci said, “I don’t have an easy answer to that,” the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, during the Senate coronavirus conference on Tuesday. He further stated that “I mean, we just have to see on a step-by-step basis, as we get into the period of time with the fall about reopening the schools, exactly where we will be in the dynamics of the outbreak.”

Other experts and health officials also said that it is more important to make students feel as well as stay safe when they come to school. It is important to first widespread the range of testing and keeps students isolated from those who are affected by the virus, and students first taught with good health and cleaning practices like following social and physical distancing strictly so that the virus should not spread. 

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Manglam Rajawat