Best healthy food delivery services in 2020

Best healthy food delivery services in 2020

Meal delivery solutions and meal kit are in full swing during the Coronavirus pandemic. But finding the best healthy meal delivery service that is also delicious at the same time can be a little difficult. The demand for healthy and delicious meals is growing because people are spending more time inside and want the food delivered at their doorsteps. These healthy meals delivery service not only helps us stick to our diet but also keeps a check on what we eat.

Whether it a keto, clean eating, cutting carbs from the ingredients every type of meal can be delivered now. Meal prep companies are now offering options for healthy and tailored meals to fit any type of diet and picky eaters. Let’s find out the best meal prep delivery services to order your food from.

For the keto diet:-

Home Chef

The home chef offers 38 meal kits and recipes for the customers to choose from in any week. It also features oven-ready meals and one-pan dinners. If you want simple and delicious keto meals delivered at your home then Home chef is your pal.

One great thing about a Home Chef is that you can customize the meal kit. Like if you want a certain dish but swap the pork with chicken. You can also double your protein portion in your meal. 

Vegetarian and vegan meal kit:-

Purple Carrot

Purple carrot is an original plant-based meal delivery service. The meals are 100 % vegan and offer inventive and interesting meat-free ingredients and options like quinoa Kofta, cauliflower. The meals can be customized between high protein or gluten-free and are good to even satisfy the meat-eaters. Some meals take a little time to be put together, this will be the best meal kit service for you if homemade vegan meals are your preference. You can also add banana chia pudding, cashew butter, goji berries, and overnight oats in your meals.

Healthy organic meal kit:-

Green Chef

Green chef tailors the meal plan to maintain vegetarian, keto, or a paleo diet. More than 90% of the ingredients used to prepare the meals are organic.

The meals are very simple and can be cooked within 30 minutes and also gives a recipe card with pictures to make the instructions easy. 

Vegetarian meal kit (no cooking required) :


Frozen, prepped and vegetarian meals are shipped that only need to be heated in a microwave. This is the most affordable meal kit delivery service and offers 15 meals to choose from every week. They have a big selection of vegetarian meals. Veestro also offers a weight loss program if calorie counting is important for you. You can customize the dishes according to your preference.


Shubhrata Choudhary