US President Donald Trump Announces Guidelines to Reopen States 

US President Donald Trump Announces Guidelines to Reopen States 

Amid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic across the United States, President Donald Trump has provided guidelines to the governors on reopening economies of the state in the coming months. Trump has rendered a three-stage guideline for reopening America and restarting normal life in the nation. 

On Thursday, at a coronavirus task force briefing where the three-phase guidelines were presented, Trump announced, “ We’re opening up our country again.” He said, “We’re going to be very vigilant and very careful.”

The plan “Opening up America Again” includes three phases. It will provide authority to the governors to make decisions regarding how to proceed with the states in the coming months. 

According to the plan, in the first phase, bars and schools in the states would remain closed. However, the places of worship, movie theaters, sports arenas, and restaurants could reopen following strict physical distancing. Hospitals will also be allowed to perform elective surgeries. 

In the second phase, schools in the states could reopen. Moreover, nonessential travel could also start. However, most of the employees would be inspired to continue telework.

The third phase would include the “unrestricted staffing of work sites.” However, the states that are still experiencing cases and symptoms can allow public interaction but will have to follow physical distancing. Visits to hospitals and care homes can restart, and bars can enhance their standing room capacity. 

According to the document, some states could start returning to the normal after the evaluation period of one month, at the earliest. However, in the regions where the rates begin to rise or where there are more cases, reopening could take longer. Birx, who is the coordinator of the coronavirus task force of the White House, said that phase three in the states would be the “new normal.” It would still comprise suggestions like vulnerable individuals should avoid crowded places. 

Coronavirus has caused more than 33,000 deaths across the United States, and 144,000 fatalities across the globe. The number of confirmed cases in the US has surpassed 670,000 in the US and 2.1 million globally. 

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Rashmi Saini