White House Democrats Passed A Fourth Ambitious COVID-19 Bill On Monday

White House Democrats Passed A Fourth Ambitious COVID-19 Bill On Monday
Official portrait of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, photographed January 11, 2019 in the Office of the Speaker in the United States Capitol.

On Monday, the democratic leaders of the White House presented a fourth ambitious coronavirus bill as an assistant package for people’s aid. They laid the bill by saying that this fourth bill is passed to bipartisan legislation that helps in direct payments to individuals, monetary assistant to state and local government, as well as include funds for infrastructural development. 

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker from the White House, said that all the members are going to effort together in order to make the legislation work effectively as the members should stay in their provinces for April, and hope that they will vote for the bill when they come back to the House.

However, the members come back to the House in the flux, but Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader, said there are no votes expected from the members till April 20, or the situation comes under the control, stated to lawmakers on Monday while representing the notice.

On Monday, Nancy Pelosi said, “We’re not coming back for a few weeks, but I do think we can be working on our committee work in the meantime,” over a phone call with the reporters. “I think it is really important that as soon as we are here, we are ready to pass legislation,” she added further. 

Pelosi also said that she isn’t supposed to finalize the legislation before the situation is controlled and the House returns. All these decisions came into consideration after the $2.2 trillion stimulus package for coronavirus approved by Congress last week. The stimulus package was regarded as the emergency aid to assist citizens, businesses, and government, the largest measure taken in American history. Lawmakers have also passed the two more bills to aid coronavirus before these largest bills. 

This fourth bill can be a challenge between the congressional Republicans and Democrats for negotiation. On Monday,  Democrats presented a bill containing a number of policies that Republicans may likely to show disapproval or have an issue with. There might be disagreement among the Republicans that is there a need to pass a new bill amid the coronavirus. Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader from the House, argued last week for the stimulus package of $2.2 trillion that how it is ideally going to save the country.

Kevin McCarthy, the California Republic leader, said, “I wouldn’t be so quick to say you have to write something else. Let’s let this bill work. Whatever decision we have to make going forward, let’s do it with knowledge. Let’s do it with the experience of what’s on the ground at that moment in time.”

He also added that “If something is needed in the future, let’s make that decision, but let’s not make that decision without allowing these bills to be put into the economy.”

Manglam Rajawat