‘Young Adults Are Not Completely Immune to The Virus’, Anthony Fauci

‘Young Adults Are Not Completely Immune to The Virus’, Anthony Fauci

On Sunday Dr. Anthony Fauci, director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said the US health professionals will have “really examine” the differences of symptoms and age demographic prone to covid-19 in the US with that of those in other countries.

It looks like there is a big difference between that demography from China and what we’re seeing in Europe,” Fauci said. He pointed out that in China the major population that was infected were old age citizens. The situation in US is somewhat different as young people are also getting severely ill due to the virus.

“Now we have to look at the young people who are getting seriously ill from the European cohort and make sure that it isn’t just driven by the fact that they have underlying conditions, because we know that underlying conditions — all bets are off no matter how young you are if you have an underlying, serious medical condition. You’re going to potentially get into trouble,” Fauci added.

The reasons for this age proneness will be needed to ascertained by carefully studying the reports of both countries.

“But if they don’t have underlying conditions, that will be something we will have to really examine as to why we’re seeing it here but we didn’t see it in China. So we’re going to look at that very closely.”

Apart from Fauci,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y, Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” also pointed out the fact that young people are not safe from the virus inherently and need to take the precautions seriously.

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“I’ve been speaking about this for over a week now, and if you are a young person in America today, you need to stay home,” she said. “There was so much messaging about how coronavirus is only impacting older people and that younger people don’t have to worry about it for their personal health. Well, let me tell you something, in the state of New York, about 55 percent of our cases are with folks 18 to 49.”

She further tried to communicate her message by pointing out some instances about how deadly the virus can be proved if not taken seriously.

“And when you have that (virus) … you are able to be directly impacted,” she added. “You’re going to get your mom sick. You’re going to get your grandparents sick. You’re going to get people you care for sick if you are asymptomatic. So you may not think that you have it and you very well might. And you especially might if you continue to go out and live life as usual.”

Coronavirus has led to many states in the US to a virtual lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus further. Up to the time of writing, covid-19 has infected over 34,717 people in the US and killed over 452.

Ayushman Rajawat