6 Fun Workouts To Try If You Hate Going To The Gym

6 Fun Workouts To Try If You Hate Going To The Gym

Your New Year’s Resolution is to get in shape, but you dread going to the gym. Lifting weights and running o the treadmill is very tedious. Do you want to get in shape without going to the gym? We have good news for you. There are many ways you can work out and have fun. A sedentary lifestyle has no benefit, it is essential to indulge in some kind of physical activity. Exercise reduces the risk of diabetes, depression and cardiovascular diseases. You will sleep a lot better after a good workout session and will also increase your life span.

  • Roller skating/ Rollerblading-  roller skating is a great way to cardio. This works on the hip and leg muscles, the effort put in stabilization helps in making the core stronger.  Take out your roller skates and plan a fun afternoon at your local park. Relive your childhood memories while getting in shape.


  • Rock Climbing- Get your adrenaline rushing and your heart pumping with this fun activity. Rock climbing helps to strengthen your body along with working on your heart. You will need to put a lot of strength on your legs to pull yourself up.  When you get good at it you can try it even outside the gym on real-life mountains.


  • Acrobatics- Gymnastics is not only limited to the kids anymore. Acrobatics features many different exercises like cartwheels, headstands,  aerial yoga, etc. It is bodyweight exercise a king of low-intensity cardio. You will get stronger with practice and will be able to try many cool poses just like a human flag. You will be required to do a lot stretching to get flexible. 


  • Dance-  Dancing is considered as the best type of cardio, you can go as intense as you want.  Get your heart rate up doing breakdance. Dancing improves cognitive function and brain health because of the regular social interaction and mental effort you put in. Dancing makes a person internally happy. Put on your comfortable clothes, blast your favorite music and dance till your legs fail. Dancing is a stress-relieving portable workout on the go. You can join the gym which offers hip-hop and Zumba classes.


  • Swim Like a Mermaid- surprised? We were too. Putting on a mermaid fin and swimming in the water is a recognized form of workout. Swimming with a single fin requires a lot more core and leg strength than regular swimming. Nobody knew acting like a mermaid would sum up to a great workout session. Many pool hotels and  Disney resort hotels offer these mermaid swimming classes.

This summer skip regular gym workout and try out these fun activities to stay in shape while having fun.






Shubhrata Choudhary