Bitcoin E-Commerce Services for Merchants to Grow Like Anything

Bitcoin E-Commerce Services for Merchants to Grow Like Anything

Most of any currency’s function is to work as a medium to buy as well as sell goods, and digital currencies such as bitcoin are particularly suited to spend money throughout the Internet with reduced fees and quick transactions. Now a lot of businesses are accepting cryptocurrencies, as the available alternatives for payments grow in number and function.

The following description holds information about the e-commerce systems, which can let you accept cryptocurrencies as payment on your site or in your actual store.

Publicity is the key

Whether you own an online store or a brick-and-mortar store, if you are readily accepting bitcoin, you have to publicize that with an appropriate sign. You can also make your own, or pick the ‘Bitcoin accepted here’ sign provided by the bitcoin wiki.

DIY payments’ accomplishments 

If you want to have full control on your website and you also have some coding skills, you could accept the bitcoins just by providing your wallet address or QR codes to customers to let them scan with their smartphones’ cameras. Though this isn’t that basic, and accomplishes only half of the job, as you should correctly have a checkout procedure that will finish the transaction as well as accept delivery details.

If performing programming/coding to your own payments’ interface, it should eventually produce new wallet addresses to secure against “taint analysis” that could disturb your privacy, and also of your customers. An open-source software library, which may assist with this, is Pywallet. You may also use off-chain transactions to help defend taint analysis snooping, with the extra advantage of faster transactions.

Third-party payment processing

Luckily, for the non-coders existing among us, several cryptocurrency payment processors allow tools to integrate bitcoin e-commerce within your website. Some of the established companies that support bitcoin payment processing are:

  • CoinBase

Coinbase is also a well-known option to consider as a bitcoin payment processor offering 0% fees (up to the first $1m while performing transactions and then 1% after that). The company also introduces an HTML widget to insert payment buttons into your site and plugins for Megento., WordPress, ZenCart, and WooCommerce. Though, it supports only US bank accounts as a funding source till now. Considerable merchants using Coinbase are Overstock, Dell, Dish, and Expedia. CoinBase also avails with a point of sale app to be used for bricks-and-mortar businesses.

  • BIPS

BIPS is the abbreviated form of the Bitcoin Internet Payment System. It is a payment processor that offers merchants throughout the world to buy as well as sell bitcoin, and accept payments in the cryptocurrency. Fees are more than affordable, i.e., 0% for ideal payment processing.

BIPS provides you with the ability to store as well as archive invoices and also supplies plugins to integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and much more. API access is available for those who intend to code their own solutions. BIPS also provides a convenient way to offer a mobile-friendly checkout for your website. BIPS even introduces a point of sale app for merchants with brick-and-mortar retail stores.

  • BitPay

BitPay is basically an international payment processor for businesses as well as charities. Considering other payment processors, it has plugins for a broad range of e-commerce systems, having Magento as well as WooCommerce, and SaaS-hosted shopping carts such as Shopify. BitPay also works with Amazon’s Fulfilment service that allows merchants to sell and then ship items through the e-commerce giant.

BitPay offers differentiated tariffs to which merchants can subscribe, from a 1% fee for a beginner service up to $3000 monthly for the ‘enterprise’ solution with a devoted account manager facilitating features like deployment on custom domains, exporting transactions to QuickBooks, VPN access, and much more.

  • Blockchain Merchant

Blockchain merchant is an app for retail merchants that works as a natural POS system to accept bitcoin payments. This is available for Android devices only.

Some of the other stores that accept bitcoin are Purse, Newegg, Overstock, Tigerdirect, Namecheap, Cheapair, Dell,, etc.

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