How to Become a PRO 8 Ball Pool Player –Facebook/Miniclip

How to Become a PRO 8 Ball Pool Player –Facebook/Miniclip

What is 8 Ball Pool?

The 8 ball pool became a very famous online multiplayer game in these recent years. Miniclip designs the game, and millions of people around the world play it. Initially, it was designed for desktop gamers, but it was introduced for IOS and Android later on after gaining popularity. The game has two in-game resources that help you progress in the game and earn more.

  • Cash: You can buy surprise boxes, legendary cues, and other things the game offers.
  • Coins: Can let you play higher levels and gain more coins.


The mini clip pool is designed so amazingly by Miniclip that gamers often get hooked on to it, which increases the urges to buy the in-game store’s resources. You need to have lots of coins to play with if you want to reach higher levels in the game. You are awarded extra points, after winning every game, which leads to a progress in the level.

999 is the maximum level a gamer can reach. You should have pool cash to buy legendary cues and good premium to make the game a bit easier. Alone coins won’t help to win the game levels.

Tip by PROs’:

It is best to bet with fewer coins, in case you lose the bet, you still have chances to recover. Never bet all the coins at once, you may end up having zero coins.


8 ball pool coins hack

I have collected some fantastic tricks that will help you earn more coins with less money spent.

You will be glad to know that there are sellers out there who sell coins at very affordable prices compared to the in-game store. You are not bound to buy 8 ball pool coins from Miniclip, and you can choose some third-party services.

Poolcoinshop is one of the trusted brands to buy 8 ball pool coins & other in-game statistics at a very affordable price. This and some other similar sites can offer you millions of 8 ball pool game coins in just a few dollars.

These sites do not transfer coins between accounts. They play games with random players to let your account earn coins. This is a legit way, and Miniclip pool cannot term them as coin transfer.

There is another fantastic way to get more coins; There are several YouTube channels that offer giveaway coins . It is never recommended to get more coins to your account through transferring, but upt0 250-300k is not considered a big problem. You can start playing the game on the Jakarta table once you get at least 500k coins.

You must not try to play Toronto tables until, and unless you win two matches of Jakarta table back to back, stick to this pro tip to get more coins easily.

It is advisable not to use legendary cues before reaching the 100th level. Legendary cues provide you with more extra points when you win a game. So if you are an average player, you should play on low levels. As in low-level games, you get a low-level opponent, which makes it easier to win more games and earn more coins.


Keep an eye on the channels as they offer 8 ball pool coins giveaway from time to time. Also, keep checking sites similar to Poolcoinshop and see what services they offer.

You can also play 8 ball pool on Facebook with your friends in this lock-down time due to the corona-virus epidemic. Also you can play rummy card game or read your favorite webtoon , else you can download free music to get entertained. I wish you good luck for your next games.

Manoj Datic