Google Gave Their Millions Of Users Reasons To Use And Keep Up With Chrome

Google Gave Their Millions Of Users Reasons To Use And Keep Up With Chrome

Recently Google has given its Chrome users a number of reasons to not use its browser due to security issues, controversial changes, data-related concerns, and greater privacy policies offered by rivals. But they have now come with new great reasons and introduced their users to stay with their browsing platform. 

After last month’s surprise of Google, they have now introduced Chrome 81 and brought wide ranges of ‘Tab Groups,’ the company has introduced the biggest change in the working of Chrome tabs since 11-years ago. 

The Tab Group feature of Chrome is the new way that helps in organizing the numbers of tabs that you can open one time in the browser. The feature is not only ingenious, but it is not simpler to operate. What you have to do is first right-click or double-tap on the tab, then select option ‘Add to a new group,’ and drag all the associated costs in that tab group. 

In this tab group, you will get a number of customization features. To customize the name of that particular tab group, you can click on the header section of the group, you can change the color of the group, easily ungroup any tab, or can close all the tabs running in that group. Once you create the first tab group, by right-clicking, you can ungroup any of the tabs or can move that tab to any of the other tab groups. 

The new change introduced by Google, Tab Groups, make you use Chrome in a completely new way and effectively utilize the tabs. With this new feature, you don’t have to use a separate window browser for tabs to work on different projects. You can keep all the tabs coexisting in one single window at a time so that you can work on your project efficiently. This new feature will help you save your 100 seconds that might be wasted in clicks on different tabs all day.

However, it may be needless to mention, but google has overdue in bringing this feature. In contrast, numerous other third-party companies have already provided the extensions to fill this gap and help in managing the tabs to ease the users. However, these third-party approaches may be that much useful to users like Google, who have come with the best one. 

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Manglam Rajawat