How to Disinfect Your Phone During Coronavirus Pandemic?

How to Disinfect Your Phone During Coronavirus Pandemic?

It is highly difficult to avoid germ-infested sources in our everyday lives; therefore, it is crucial to wash your hands properly and regularly. It is also important to use effective measures to sanitize and disinfect your house regularly in order to make your home clean of the deadly virus. Disinfecting the common surfaces is also not enough, as there is one surface that you touch regularly with your hands, and it can also have viruses on it – your mobile phone.

Yes, you read it right. You handle your phone regularly, and you often press it to the side of your face, which means any virus or bacteria present on your phone can be easily transferred to your skin. Now the question is how to clean and disinfect your phone to make it clear of the viruses and bacteria. Here is the answer to your question. 

How to Disinfect Your Phone?

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your phone, you should keep in mind not to use the same astringent cleaners that are used to clean glass surfaces and hard plastics. Here are some steps that you can use to clean and disinfect your phone.

  1. Remove the cover of your phone and power off the device

In order to clean your phone appropriately, it is essential to cover so that you clean and disinfect it completely. After removing the cover, power off your phone. 

  1. Clean with a cloth of microfiber

Use a clean microfiber cloth to gently wipe its exterior. It will help in getting rid of the crud and smudges. It will remove the germs physically as a result of friction between the glass surface and cloth. It is important to use microfiber as its fibers absorb the grease properly, and they have more surface area to trap the dirt.

  1. Cleans and Disinfect Using the disinfecting wipe

The next step is to clean and disinfect your phone using disinfecting wipes like Lysol disinfecting wipe or Clorox sheets. Using disinfecting wipes will clean your phone properly and won’t damage the screen.

  1. Clean the cover of your phone

After cleaning the phone, the next step is to clean the cover of your phone. Use another clean microfiber cloth to clean the cover of your phone. You can clean the cover using astringent cleaners as the covers are made of durable hard plastic. 

  1. Let Your Phone Dry for Five Minutes

After cleaning our phone and cover, let them dry for at least five minutes. After drying, put the cover back on your phone and turn your device on. 

The above-mentioned steps will help you in cleaning and disinfecting your phone freely and making it free from the deadly coronavirus. 


Rashmi Saini