Test, trace, isolate: Key To Opening Back Businesses, Drobac

Test, trace, isolate: Key To Opening Back Businesses, Drobac
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Governments and other authorities all over the world need to adopt these three steps policy in order to contain the covid-19 pandemic in their countries, said Peter Drobac, Global Heath Expert.

“The way to interrupt (a second surge) is by testing, contact tracing, and then being able to isolate and quarantine those who are infected and exposed to break those chains of transmission,” he said. “If you don’t have that infrastructure in place, you’re taking a really significant risk.”

Drobac suggested the United States Government look for inspiration from some of the other countries of Europe and Asia that have been successful in crushing the curve.

“In Europe, some of the earliest lessons are coming from places like the Czech Republic, Austria, and Norway, which had really good success in crushing the curve early and staving off the worst of things,” he told CNBC. “So what we’re seeing is a slightly different approach in lots of different countries that shows there’s not an exact playbook for how exactly to open up.”

He supported the act of Nationalism and said the best thing for nations to do is move together and stop picking sides.

“Nationalism is not going to solve this problem for any country,” he said. “The virus doesn’t know or care about our borders or politics — so none of us are safe from the virus until all of us are. In the early days of the response, the very country-specific, inward-looking efforts and the competition for testing and PPE was really very concerning.”

“A number of G-20 countries and others coordinated investments in vaccines, in treatment, in testing — not just the development but also the fair distribution of those things,” Drobac said. “It was a really important step, and we need to see more cooperation like that. It’s worth noting that the U.S. was very visibly absent from that announcement.”

The US has been the worst-hit nation during this pandemic, with over 1.1 million infected individuals and almost 69000 deaths due to the pandemic disease.

Ayushman Rajawat