Want to control hunger pangs? Here is how you can keep a check on your hunger pangs while being at home

Want to control hunger pangs? Here is how you can keep a check on your hunger pangs while being at home


A quarantine period can be a difficult time for all the foodies out there. Almost all your favorite food joints are closed right now and the urge to go out and eat some tasty food has increased many folds. Being the foodie that you are, you don’t even hesitate to place food orders from the places that still open in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. It is best to eat homemade food in this situation but how to control your hunger pangs?

Here are some ways that will help you adopt healthy eating habits and keep hunger pangs at bay.


  • Take a protein-rich diet– foods that are high in protein keep you feeling full for a long time. including more protein in your diet will help you limit your calorie intake and will also curb hunger for longer durations. Some protein-rich food items are eggs, seeds, tofu, yogurt, and lentils.


  • Increase fiber intake– consuming fibrous foods not only helps in stretching the stomach but also eases the bowel movement. Fiber-rich food keeps you feeling fuller for a longer time by reducing the emptying rate of the stomach. Eat more beans, oranges, chickpeas, and lentils to satiate your hunger pangs.


  • Eat Healthy snacks– indulging in the goodness of junk foods and unhealthy snacks is something that we all love. But is it a good idea when all you will do the entire day is just lay in your bed? Replace your favorite junk snacks with healthy snacks whenever you feel hungry. Instead of eating oily and fried food, eat baked or cooked food at home. Yogurt, fresh fruits, fresh juices, smoothies are some of the healthy snack options that you can try not only during quarantine but every day in your life.


  • Drink enough water– water helps a lot in calming a growling stomach. Drink water whenever you feel hungry to keep you full and get glowing skin. Drinking more fluids helps in controlling the urge of eating junk. Drink around 7-8 glasses of water in a day and avoid consuming fizzy and sugary drinks.


  • Indulge in fulfilling and nutritious breakfast- breakfast, the first meal of the day is very important for your body. If you will eat a light breakfast meal you will start feeling hungry again in one or two hours which will make you snack and gain unnecessary calories. Instead, if you eat a nutritious first meal of the day you will not feel hungry until lunchtime and avoid snacking on junk.


  • Chewing gum- chewing gum is a good hack to avoid hunger pangs. Chewing gum will keep the mouth moving and trick your mind with the illusion of eating something. You will stay clear of junk foods this way.

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Shubhrata Choudhary