Which is the best time to Workout?

Which is the best time to Workout?

Regular exercise is important people; it is also true that people have families, lives, jobs, duties, errands, and other important needs to take care of.

Where to fit in the exercise routine then? At the crack of dawn or after the sunset? Both have their own health benefits and pitfalls. For most people, exercise is not about how much weights you lift or calories you burn; it’s about how you feel about exercise.

The best time to exercise is whenever you can 

We all don’t have a life that allows a 90-minute intense workout. And smoothie session and what not. So the best time for exercise is whenever you can. If you have time only before you leave for work, then the morning is the best time for you. If you reserve the evening for exercise, there are chances that you will most definitely never do it.

If you can only spare 20 minutes before bed, then go ahead and Workout at night. You have to stick to the routine for weeks and months and years to come by.


Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of morning and night workouts.

Morning workouts Benefits

 help you establish a regular fitness routine: people with morning workout routines are often more consistent and have less room for any excuse.

It helps in improving the sleep cycle: it might be a little difficult to wake up early at first, but the habit of morning exercise shifts your circadian rhythm, and your body is more alert in the morning and more tired by the evening.

Might burn more fat: the body is in the fasting state early in the morning, which means that you will burn more fat rather than exercising after you take a meal. 


running on low fuel: if you did not eat the evening properly before then might struggle with hunger mid-workout. Try to eat a large but healthy dinner the night before.

You may interrupt deep sleep: the early morning is the time when you are in a deep sleep. This will result in sleep inertia and fatigue.

Longer time for warm-up: your body temperature is low during the morning, which makes warming up before starting exercise very important. Even the heart rate is also slow in the morning.

Evening workouts benefits 

Physical performance might improve: according to research, people function physically better during the late afternoon or evening. Flexibility, muscle strength, endurance, and power output are better during the evening.

Hormones are on your side:  our body produces more testosterone during the afternoon and evening, which means more muscle gain and greater strength.

Might help replace bad habits: if you some bad habits like drinking, snacking, and smoking or watching too much tv it will be replaced by exercise. When you get in the habit of exercising, you won’t even miss these old habits.



Might interfere with sleep: exercising at night has different effects on sleep for every person, while some may not get good sleep and others may get better sleep at night

problems with consistency:  if you feel too tired to exercise in the evening, then the chances are you might not be consistent with your routine.

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 SOURCE- news.com

Shubhrata Choudhary