10 Uses for Extra Hotel Shampoo

10 Uses for Extra Hotel Shampoo

When we come from a long vacation or travel, we not only bring so many memories, but we also bring with us many extra bottles of shampoo (at least 2 bottles). These extra free hotel shampoo bottles pile up at our home after traveling trips. The problem with these extra sample shampoo bottles is that there is no use of them after reaching home. We start to use our regular shampoo and these hotel shampoo bottles stored at the corner of our storeroom. So how can we use these extra shampoo bottles? This post will tell you 10 Uses of Hotel Shampoo and how you can make their perfect usage. 

Use Hotel Shampoo As A Shaving Cream

man shaving with shampoo


You may be surprised, but yes, you can use hotel shampoo as a shaving cream. For a long time, you don’t have to spend a single penny on purchasing shaving cream. It is amazing to know that one drop of shampoo can work as a dollop of your shaving cream.


  • To give your skin some moisture, you can mix your extra sample of hotel shampoo and conditioner together. This will leave your skin moisture and do not make your skin itchy and dried. 

Make Body Wash From Hotel Shampoo

pink bath sponge



You may be wondering, can you use shampoo as a body wash? The answer is yes. You can use shampoo as a body wash to reduce the many shower bottles from your bathroom. Using these extra hotel shampoos as body wash also helps you in saving money on shower soaps.



  • If you want to take a bubble bath, you can also add some shampoo to your filled bathtub and enjoy your bathing time. You can also make body scrub by adding some sugar crystals and salt to your hotel shampoo bottles. 

Make Hand Soap From Hotel Shampoo

hand soap as body wash


Another leftover shampoo is that you can make liquid soap. This will help you save your money from buying hand wash bottles or liquid soap refills.



  • You can fill your empty dispenser with ⅓ of the shampoo and left space with water. Shake it well, and you can use shampoo as soap for your washroom. 

Make Hotel Hand-Wash Bottles As Laundry Detergent

hand wash as laundry detergent


Do not get surprised it is even used already by so many people. Hand washes laundry detergent or shampoo as the detergent is a great way to make perfect use of hotel leftover liquid soap and shampoo. These are perfect for delicate clothes and clean them perfectly without leaving any stains.


  • You can directly add shampoo or hand wash to the washing machine, and on the cycle, these extra hotel shampoo or hand wash keep are of your delicate fabrics. 

Make Hotel Hand Soap As Body Wash

female using hand soap as body wash


You can also use hotel leftover hand soap as a body wash as the hotel provides you with good quality soap and you can easily use it for body wash. This will also help you in saving your money on purchasing the body washes. 


Using Body Wash As Shampoo

using body wash as shampoo


This may be sounding weird, but if the body wash of the good brand and mild texture can be used as a shampoo. These are good for cleaning your scalp thoroughly without leaving it dried. For the hair strands, you can use a conditioner for extra moisturizer.


  • Using hotel leftover body wash as shampoo can be a great use, and you reduce the so many bottles from your bathroom. You can do body wash as well as a shampoo for the same time. So you only need one bottle in your bathroom. 

Make It A Carpet Stain Cleaner

cleaning carpet stain with soap


If you don’t want to use hotel leftovers as your shower essentials, you can make a stain cleaner for your carpet. The shampoo is very effective in removing the stains from the curtain, carpet, or furniture upholstery easily and does not damage the fabric. You just only need a small amount of shampoo to get rid of these stains from carpet.

  • Rub the small amount of shampoo on the stain. Use a damp cloth and rub it for a few minutes gently on the carpet. The stain will become fading, but if the stains still remain, to remove it completely, you need to repeat the same process again the next day. 

Make Floor Cleaner From Hotel Shampoo

floor cleaner


No need to buy floor cleaners from the store when you have extra hotel soap and shampoo at your home. This mopping solution from hotel shampoo not only makes your floor squeaky clean, but it will also leave it smelling so fresh and fragrant.


  • Mix the shampoo with warm water and use it as a floor cleaner to mop the floor of your house. Shampoo easily cleans the ceramic tile floors as well as linoleum tiles, effectively leaving no stains on the floor. 

Make Bathroom Cleaner From Hotel Shampoo

Using shampoo as bathroom cleaner


Hotel shampoo can be a great and effective bathroom cleaner since its shampoo is designed to remove the oil and dirt buildup. It can easily clean the bathtub and shower from building up dirt and oil layers on them.



  • You can apply a layer of shampoo on the bathtub and shower and leave it for a few minutes. Use a scrubber to clean the bathtub and taps. It will clean all the dirt and oil buildup completely and leave your bathroom accessories shiny. Not only this, but it will also help in getting rid of hairspray from the bathroom walls. 

Make Kitchen Cleaner From Hotel Shampoo

mom and daughter cleaning the kitchen


One other best and effective use of hotel shampoo and leftovers is to make a kitchen degreaser solution. The shampoo effectively cleans the grease buildup from the kitchen slab, chimney, and even from the windows. Kitchen appliances, counters, and walls easily get grease buildup.

  • Use a wet rag, apply some amount of shampoo on it. Apply it on the greased object and leave it for a few minutes. Use a damp cloth and clean the appliance. To make your kitchen degreaser solution more effective, you can add baking soda to it. 


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