How to Buy Dumbbell Online and Exercise with Dumbbell Sets

How to Buy Dumbbell Online and Exercise with Dumbbell Sets

What are Dumbbells?

Dumbbell are free weights that are used to assist in performing several exercises in an attempt to gain muscles and enhance fitness levels. You can perform many types of exercise and training with Dumbbells, including cardiovascular training, losing fat, gaining muscle mass, power training, and endurance training for sports.

 The training type depends upon the weight, the number of repetitions, the intensity of the training, the number of sets, etc. There are various local shops and e-commerce websites where you can buy dumbbells online according to the weight such as 1 kg , 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg dumbbell, and so on depending upon your training type.

These free weights can improve muscle mass, balance and coordination as well but a fixed movement such as leg press on a smith machine can also be beneficial. So combining free weights and machines always give best results.

Types of Dumbbells?

As the fitness industry is growing day by day, the demand for free weights is also increasing. There are people with an old school mentality who love pure iron or steel weights, and then there are some guys who demand rubber plated weights, and also the demand for multi-color and fancy dumbbells are increasing as girls are also active in the field.

You can get dumbbells with two weight categories, in kilograms(kg) or pounds (lbs). Some websites can custom build as per the customer’s demands either for the home or the gym use. These are available in different designs, sizes, and shapes as per the requirements and preferences. 

There are mainly two types of dumbbell:

  • Fixed Weight : These are cheap dumbbells made up of cast iron sometimes coated with rubber for comfort. In a cheaper version of these, you can find concrete filled in a rigid plastic shell. The only disadvantage is that you need lots of them if you want to train with heavier or lighter weights
  • Adjustable Weight : In these, you can change the amount of weight by removing the plates. Spinlock dumbbells are one of the cheapest adjustable dumbbells you can find. The only disadvantage is that you have to change the number of plates for your training again and again and it consumes your workout time

How to Buy and Use a Dumbbell

You can use a dumbbell according to your fitness goals, whether it be to lose weight, to gain muscle mass, for cardiovascular fitness, or sports specific training. The advantage of using them while the workout is that you can increase the range of motion in any exercise, which you cannot increase the machines.

Many E-Commerce websites you can Google search that offer dumbbells for sale and other free weight adjustable dumbbells for sale. You can also buy them on any local sports shops. You must be careful while doing exercises with weights as they can cause serious injuries. Always seek expert help before lifting weights.

There are many free weight dumbell available you can buy online, including cast iron, hex, and chrome dumbbell sets. These all are the variations, do not get confused with them; all these works the same way. 

 You can also do aerobic training with dumbbells, i.e., you can improve your cardiovascular health by increasing your heart rate while training. In the beginning, you start with lightweight and progress as you get stronger. If you are a beginner you must hire a personal trainer to learn the proper exercise form and postures. 


If you want to enhance your fitness level, you can add dumbbell training to your sports training, running, and swimming, etc. There are many ways you can achieve your specific fitness goals with the help of a dumbbell. Using a lightweight dumbbell for more than 30 minutes can increase your endurance, and if you want to increase strength, you can choose a heavy weight, or in case you want to increase your power, you can lift a moderate weight vigorously. Just a tip: Hemp oil encourages proper cardiovascular functioning. 

 These are some of the basic info on how to buy and exercise with a dumbbell. Along with exercise, you have to take care of your diet as well to gain overall health and keto diet is in the recent trends. If you need any help regarding training, losing weight, gaining weight any other sports specific training, you can contact me. Feel free to comment on any advice or question.

Manoj Datic