Health Official Says A New Drug Shows Potential For Treating Covid-19 Patients

Health Official Says A New Drug Shows Potential For Treating Covid-19 Patients
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CEO of Northwell Health Michael Dowling came out with what we may take as a piece of positive news and he said that the scientists have been working a new drug for a trial called famotidine which is usually used as heartburn medication, and the health official said that he has “a reasonable confidence” that this new drug can be helpful for covid-19 patients.

“It’s one of many trials we’re doing, but we believe in the next two weeks or so we’ll have some potential results to be able to tell whether it’s working or not,” Dowling told CNBC.

He also cleared that it is still too soon to claim to have a real antidote but “our scientists have a reasonable confidence in this trial that it may make a difference.”

The trial is currently ongoing with approx. 200 covid-19 patients, he said and in the process of the trial, they are using nine times of the famotidine drug which would be used for treating heartburn.

Health Official also said that there is a huge possibility for the drug to sell out of stock quickly in these conditions because it is a very common medication that people used often for their heartburn issues.

“It’s very difficult to get at the moment; I believe Amazon is sold out,” Dowling said. “Because once the word gets out that this is something that could help, obviously there was a run on the supply, but we do have enough to do the trial and do it successfully.”

Along with this drug and trial, scientists all over the world are looking to find a breakthrough medicine for the covid-19 patient and some of the most famous drugs being tried are hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine.

President Donald Trump also imported a high quantity of hydroxychloroquine drug form India to conduct these trials.

Ayushman Rajawat