Does Leptin Diet and Leptin Supplements Help In Weight Loss?

Does Leptin Diet and Leptin Supplements Help In Weight Loss?

Leptin is one of the hormones our body produces naturally. Studies are going on to determine if this hormone can help to lose weight. People with weight loss goals are following a leptin diet or using leptin supplements to fasten the weight loss process. But there is a lack of evidence to support this idea.

What is Leptin?

Leptin is one of the many hormones our body produces naturally to maintain a healthy weight and to help us eat a balanced amount of food. Leptin is produced by adipose (fat) cells in our body. It is a polypeptide hormone.

 What Does Leptin Do? 

 Leptin signals the brain to increase energy usage and to decrease the food intake amounts to maintain a balanced weight. A body with more fat deposition will produce more leptin.

After the production of leptin by fat cells, it reaches the hypothalamus via the bloodstream. The hypothalamus in the brain is responsible for regulating mood, thirst, hunger, and many other physical functions.

Leptin receptors interact with the leptin hormone in the hypothalamus and send a signal to the brain to stop consuming more food when a body has enough fat storage than it needs, the leptin hormone steps in to maintain the balance.

There are many other functions the leptin hormone maintains for the body. But most fitness enthusiasts and dieters are interested in leptin for weight loss. From the year 1999, researchers are finding more ways to leptin help people lose weight

What is Leptin Resistance? And How Does Leptin Resistance Work?

Studies have been conducted to investigate leptin resistance. One study reveals that obese people find it difficult to eat less and lose weight due to leptin resistance.

Researches say that obese people have high levels of leptin. Despite the higher levels of leptin, the satiety signals do not work the same way they work in thin and healthy people. In simple words, brain signals to stop consuming food and increase energy usage do not work correctly despite the higher levels of leptin.

But leptin resistance is not supported by enough evidence. Researchers do not know how the leptin hormone interacts with other factors. Many factors can affect food consumption, including taste, smell, habits, etc. So there is not enough evidence to support the theory that leptin resistance causes obesity.

Leptin Supplements and Leptin Pills

Leptin supplements advertisements are all over the internet market for weight loss. These advertisements claim to boost the leptin levels and fix the leptin resistance. These leptin fills do not contain leptin, and they are filled with dietary fibers and green tea extracts. And these ingredients may help to increase energy usage or to feel full.

So does a leptin supplement help to lose weight? The answer is no, and there are not enough studies that can back up this theory. There is not enough proof of leptin and leptin resistance investigation to say anything about weight loss. You can consult a certified doctor for hormonal tests and other treatments to help you lose weight. 

What is a Leptin Diet? And What Foods are High In Leptin?

Leptin diet is one of the trending weight-loss diets. Many foods might help people to maintain leptin levels to lose weight. One study revealed that high carbohydrates, low-fat diet increases leptin levels compared to a low carb, high-fat diet. 

Can a Leptin Diet Help in Weight Loss? There is no specific diet that can cure leptin resistance and maintain leptin levels. But some healthy changes to regular meals can help boost leptin levels. Below are some you may consider:

  • Cut off sugar intake: Low sugar foods can help you improve leptin levels as studies revealed links between leptin and insulin levels. You can maintain healthy leptin levels by controlling insulin and blood sugar levels.
  • Eat fiber-rich foods: Foods rich in fiber can help you feel full for longer periods. Leptin sends satiety signals, whereas a fiber-rich diet may help create the same effect.
  • Avoid saturated fats: High triglyceride levels can stand in the way of transport of leptin hormone. Avoiding or cutting of saturated fats can help you decrease triglycerides. 
  • Balanced sleep: Evidence suggests that night of adequate sleep can help maintain leptin levels. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep for a healthy lifestyle.

There is no evidence to support a leptin diet that can bring change in the leptin levels. Above mentioned, dietary changes can do miracles for weight loss if followed properly. More research is going on to find links between leptin and weight loss until then these healthy habits can help you maintain a healthy weight. 

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