Andrew Cuomo Says The Threat Is Not Going Away Until A Vaccine Develops

Andrew Cuomo Says The Threat Is Not Going Away Until A Vaccine Develops

As per the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, the coronavirus pandemic can only be fully resolved once the vaccine that is effective is developed and circulated freely and this process may take over a year and a half.

“I don’t think ultimate resolution comes until you have a vaccine,” Cuomo said during a call-in interview on a radio show. “Where someone can say to you, ‘Don’t worry, Howard, there’s a vaccine, you take this, you never get it, it’s a nonissue,” when asked the estimated time for such a vaccine to be fully developed and circulated, Cuomo said. “That’s 18 months.”

U.S. economy has been bleeding already due to nationwide lockdown imposed by the government to combat the spread of the coronavirus and people are seeking a timeline as to when the businesses will be reopening. Donald Trump refused to reopen the economy until the threat minimizes which is not the case currently in the United States.

Cuomo’s state has been the major hotspot for the virus and the central government has praised the New York State for taking robust actions and promoting social distancing. Cuomo also commented on various organizations that have been playing their part in helping the government tackle the coronavirus impact.

“Remember, all the projections so far have said many more people would die, and many more people would be hospitalized,” Cuomo said,  “They all said it was going to be much, much worse,” he said. “The variable was, what government policies would be put in place … and the real variable was, would people listen?”

“The first wave will be fewer people dying, and that will be an initial resolution,” Cuomo said. “We’ve figured out how to slow down the beast — that’s a resolution. We’ll start to phase into an economy again, that’ll be a wave of resolution.”

Ayushman Rajawat