Yoga Basics for Beginners

Yoga Basics for Beginners

The popularity of yoga is increasing day by day across the globe due to the wide range of physical and mental benefits associated with it. Yoga is a famous exercise that includes an amazing combination of breathing, movement, and exercise. 

There are amazing benefits of including yoga and meditation in your daily routine. Yoga is profoundly beneficial to manage stress, improve mood, ease depression and anxiety, and to enhance sleep quality. Moreover, yoga also helps in improving balance and coordination, increase strength, reduce pain, and enhance flexibility. If you are a beginner, here is all you need to know about yoga.

Types of Yoga

There are different types of yoga. Here are some common types of yoga to provide you an idea about the types of yoga classes.

Hatha Yoga – These classes are good for beginners as they are slower-moving.

Power Yoga, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa – These classes are more challenging, depending on the level and types of instructions provided.

Hot Yoga – This type of yoga is practiced in a hot environment. This type of yoga is not good for people with heat sensitivities or people with certain medical conditions as they might find the high temperature of the classes uncomfortable. 

Iyengar – The main focus of this yoga is on proper alignment. In these classes, students are also asked to use props to perfect their form.

Kundalini Yoga – This yoga is mainly used for healing, and these classes include chanting, meditation, and spiritual elements.


Poses are the body postures or positions that are used to perform yoga. Yoga poses are mostly referenced in Sanskrit, and the first few times, you might find it confusing.

There are specific yoga poses for different parts of the body, from your hamstrings to your lower back and more. Instructors in yoga classes render step-by-step instructions to enhance the practice. 


Yoga includes placing great focus on breathing, and it can really pay off when it comes to managing good health. Breathing consciously is the core essence of yoga, and it helps in connecting adequately with the subtle energy within.

What to Wear?

If you are planning to start yoga, then you should opt for wearing comfortable clothes. You can choose stretchy pants, close-fitting tops, and yoga pants as they are highly comfortable while performing yoga. You won’t need any special shoes to perform yoga, as it is performed barefoot. 

Yoga is a personal practice, so the poses that are safe for others might not be safe and effective for you. Though most yoga poses are safe, it is essential for you to listen to your body and set limits accordingly. For instance, if you have back issues, you should ask your instructor to suggest you pose accordingly. Always keep in mind not to try something your body is not ready for. 

Rashmi Saini