Grapefruit Can Do Magic to All the Diabetic Patients

Grapefruit Can Do Magic to All the Diabetic Patients

In an experiment directed by researchers, a component called Naringin has been recognized in lemon-hereditary organic product grapefruit, which can be valuable in controlling the enzyme, i.e., in charge of high glucose levels in the blood.

In research done by Indian researchers presently, an element Naringin has been recognized in lemon-like organic fruit, grapefruit, which can help in controlling high blood sugar. As indicated by researchers, various kinds of food-formulations can be created utilizing the Grapefruit, which can be particularly helpful for diabetics.

During this experimentation being performed by the researchers of the CFTRI, i.e., Central Food Technology Research Institute in Mysore, the various parts’ extracts of the grapefruit were isolated through unique scientific strategies and after that, the properties were detected by performing various tests. The aftereffects of this examination are published in the most recent issue of research-book ‘Current Science.’

Grapefruit is proven to be effective in curing diabetes. For treating the patients who are in the early stages of diabetics, controlling high glucose levels in the blood after having meals is considered as a major part of the medical tactics. To do it, the strategy of disrupting related enzymes that participate in the aqueous decomposition of carbohydrates is considered. Naringin is considered as a biologically active enzyme, which restricts the activities associated with carbohydrate’s aqueous decomposition.

Dr. M.N. Shashi Rekha, a chief researcher at the Central Food Technology Research Institute, explained that mixing five grams’ powder of grapefruit (dried) in 200 grams of Roti can be extremely useful for diabetics. Noticing the health benefits associated with grapefruit, its production, as well as the associated food products, require to be encouraged with time.

Grapefruit includes anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic, and tumor-resistant elements in it. In the old books also, the grapefruit’s properties are explained as a super-useful food supplement. Having grapefruit juice has shown many advantages for the human body. The grapefruit juice can actually help in fighting against insulin resistance, as well as weight gain (which are both major affecting factors for type 2 diabetes). But too much of the grapefruit juice can actually damage your body by increasing glycemic load. While considered as whole fruit, grapefruit remains full of vitamin C, as well as several antioxidants, which prove to be effective dietary fiber content. 

S.K. Rashmi, J.R. Manjunath, and H.K. Manonmani also worked in this research study with Dr. Shashi Rekha.

Avni Porwal